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Are you Tired of Tape?

Now there is a new tool for qualitative market researchers to let you get more from your research interviews.
ViC CD is the national video CD service from Video InterClipper® --the experts in research CDs. Now you can ...
  • Get up to 12 hours of digital video on one CD.
  • Export video clips to email and reports.
  • Mark clips LIVE during the session.

Windows media
player required
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And now it comes in three affordable versions so you can pick the ViC CD service that suits your Project's budget.

Watch your video on Microsoft Media Player®. Each session is labeled and divided into 10 minutes sections, so it's easy to jump to the good spots. More

ViC Viewer PLUS you can mark clips on playback. Then export the best clips to PowerPoint® or email. The fast and affordable way to get video of real customers. More

ViC Clipper PLUS you can mark clips LIVE during the session. Jump to clips without any need to review. The ultimate time saver for fast turn around projects. More
Save time. Save space. Pick your ViC at your
participating facilities.

We can also transfer tapes of existing research sessions to either ViC Viewer or ViC Clipper Project CDs. More

ViC CD Info [PDF]
ViC CD Info [Word]